This is a search engine for business and companies, easy to post ad and is completely free. If you or your company provides quality service and want to increase your network, make your advertisement here!



Are the ads free?
A: Yes the ads are free, but for users who want a higher and faster return through, we have the option highlighted ads, which is charged a very accessible value for your ad to be on average 50 times most viewed.

How does work highlighted ads?
A: In the highlighted ads, besides the ad appears first on traditional search with a different background color, it appears also highlighted in the category page, the ad highlighted also appear randomly on the main page.

What is the Credits of the ad?
A: When the advertiser purchased the ad highlight, he got a credit for clicks highlighted, each time the user clicks on the highlighted ad is reduced one click of the purchased credit, when credit reset the ad automatically go back to normal position, until a new credit of clicks be purchased.

How do I change my ad?
A: Your ad can be changed at any time, you just have to login by putting your email and password at the site top , then click on "Edit" and make the necessary changes.

How do I read incoming messages?
A: When you receive a message is sent an email with a link to your admin area, after that just click on the number of messages to view or delete it. Some webmails leave no links appear correctly in e-mails, in which case the user must access the site, and login to access the admin area and read your messages.

How much ads can I do?
A: You can make as many ads as you like, since they are completely different in the title and description, and may not even be similar.

Who is responsible for the ad?
A: The advertiser is responsible for the ad. The BestBizDas don't have any link with any advertisers, then before doing any business, check the company, requesting many information as possible, and asking for references.